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July 2022 Construction Update

Thank you for your interest in MEC internet.

Here's the latest on where we are with construction for 2022:

  • Brady and 24th Street in Vicksburg, Davis Lake in Edwardsburg, Palisades Area, and Sturgis: Construction is complete, and home installs are underway. 
  • Deer Pointe Subdivision in Tecumseh and Sister Lakes in Dowagiac: Permits are pending, and we are hopeful to start mainline construction soon. Installations are anticipated in Q3 of this year. 
  • Eau Claire and Tecumseh: Mainline construction is underway. In-home installations are just beginning in some areas of these zones. However, due to the sizes of these construction zones, it could be Q3 of 2022 before your installation is ready to be completed. 
  • Featherstone in White Pigeon and Mendon: Mainline construction is underway and in-home installations are just beginning. Due to the size of these zones, it could be the end of the year before we are ready to start installs in your specific area. 
  • Nottawa in Centreville and Woodstock in Onsted: Mainline construction is just beginning. Home installs will tentatively begin in Q3. 
  • Seneca in Hudson: Mainline construction has started. We hope to see in-home installations starting in Q4. 
  • Bainbridge in Benton Harbor and Oronoko in Berrien Springs: Walkout work is complete, and permits are pending. Mainline construction will begin by Q4 of 2022. Home installs should begin in Q1 of 2023. 

 FYI: Like with all construction projects, dates are subject to change. We send updates every winter, spring, summer, and fall to keep you informed on progress. Please be aware that home installations can take several months to complete for all customers. 

Key Terms in the Fiber Construction Process
Walkout Work: Involves surveying the area to decide how to lay fiber lines.
Mainline Construction: The mainline represents the backbone of our fiber infrastructure and carries fiber out into our communities.
Mainline Splicing: Connects the fiber cables together along this backbone.
Drop Construction (or Service Drop): We bring the fiber from the mainline to your property/home and install a network interface device (NID) on your property near the electric meter.
Drop Splice:  We connect the mainline fiber to the service drop and the fiber cables inside the NID. This is the last step before home installation.


For more information about the fiber construction process, please review this short video:

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